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Restaurant and Café

Food Safety and Sanitation Plan for Cafe and Restaurant

Food Safety and Sanitation Plan

Health Inspection is the barrier you need to go through when you are opening a restaurant or café. 

We turned what typically rejected by the Health Inspectors into a passing food safety and sanitation plan. 

Best of all, you get them done in as little as 3 days. And you can focus building and promoting your restaurant

Social Media Assistance

Social Media

Don’t WASTE your money on paid ads. Paid ads are great to bring a temporary crowd, but the money you spend only lasts you one time.

Build long-lasting SEO-based social media posts with our posting assistant services which will help you reduce the stress of what to post and eliminate the risk of a lack of posts due to your busy schedule.

We all know that we buy on social media. Social media temptation is real. And who will if you are not highlighting how good your food is?

Retail Food Safety Entry Planning

Growing to Retail

It isn’t a fake dream! Some restaurant and café tend to go big, and turn into retail. It is all about you handle the retail requirements.

If you have this dream, we need to talk.

Don’t miss our food safety guide to help you reach your goals.

SFPM Food Consulting

Of Working With Us

Completely customized solutions to plan for current and future expansion
Free GMP Refresher Training and HACCP training at steep discounted rate
You Get to Choose Our Level of Involvement and Your Budget
We Don’t Keep the Management Secret to Ourselves -We Teach Them to You
Quick Turnover, because we know how important time is for you!
Need more assistance, we can connect you to our partner

Copyright © 2023-2024 by SFPM Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023-2024 by SFPM Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.