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Are you a food startup, looking for expert advice on Food Safety Programs and Food Branding? You have to the right place!

SFPM Consulting is an consulting firm committed to new food businesses in achieving the highest in food safety and branding.


In the fast-paced world of food manufacturingSafety Regulations and Protocols
Need to be more than just an afterthought.

They are the foundation upon which sustainable, successful are built. We, at SFPM Consulting, understand that your startup may lack the requisite capacity or knowledge to create, implement, and oversee effective food safety programs. This is exactly where our expert team steps in.

Our primary mission is to help you navigate through the complex web of food safety regulations, formulate comprehensive, customized food safety programs, and guide you in their effective implementation.

Food Safety First

Food safety is our number one priority. With rigorous testing, system analysis and risk assessments, we help businesses meet strict regulatory requirements and ensure their products are safe for consumption. No matter the size of your startup, we ensure you achieve the highest standard of safety compliance.

Secure your Future with SFPM

Partnering with SFPM Consulting can catapult your startup to new heights. We lay the groundwork that helps you avoid potentially costly recalls, manages your brand’s reputation, and fuels growth through strong branding. 

Let SFPM Consulting be the strong backbone of your food safety compliance and branding efforts. 

SFPM Are Here for You!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the myriad aspects of starting your food business, we’re here to lighten the burden. Whether you need professional advice on implementing a Food Safety Program, or could use some expert guidance in building a strong, successful brand, SFPM Consulting has got you covered.

Our commitment to your success and customer satisfaction can be seen in the tailored solutions we provide that meet the unique needs of your food startup. Our industry-trained professionals provide step-by-step coaching to ensure an efficient, accurate, and proactive approach to food safety and branding.

Let's Build Your Food Brand

That’s not all. With SFPM Consulting, you don’t only get a team that ensures your food production process is safe and compliant; you also get expert help in building and growing your food brand. In today’s competitive market, a strong brand can set your startup apart. We work with you to understand the unique qualities of your products, identify market opportunities, and develop an actionable roadmap to increase brand awareness and loyalty among customers.

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Copyright © 2023-2024 by SFPM Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023-2024 by SFPM Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.